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Hollow Body Mobile - click below!
"I've always found Doug Kwartler's production, including his own work and other artists he's produced,
to be of top quality and as good as any major label act out there.  He consistently brings perfection and
quality to the surface.  That makes my job getting radio airplay much easier and sets his artists in 
competition with the best."

-Bill Wence - major Nashville based Americana radio promotor




Current "in-studio" rate is $65/hour

"In-studio" means you (the artist and/or your band, session players) are here in the studio setting up/working/recording/consulting.  That includes using the studio space and having me as the engineer.  If we set up in advance of the session to speed up recording time for convenience, a 30 min. to up to 1.5 hour set up charge will be added.


For Hollow Body Mobile - the "in-studio" rate applies for time at location, including set-up and recording.  Travel time will also be included in total charges, unless other arrangements are made in advance.


My advice to clients regarding mastering is if you choose to spend the money on a good/excellent mastering engineer/facility, then I highly encourage it.  If you are going to go with a mid-level or budget service, let us do it. 


I will spend a lot more time and effort in getting your CD to sound even, punchy, warm, dynamic and great, than some budget mastering service.  I've mastered most of my own productions for my own music and many of my clients music as well.  Many of these songs have been played on radio stations across the USA and the world.  Your work will be radio ready and professional. 


Mastering a full album could run between $400 - $700 depending on some variables.

Production / Arrangements:

If you'd like a song/album produced / arranged, meaning, adding instruments to your song(s), flat-rate costs are usually anywhere from about $375 - $800 per song, depending on how many instruments are added and how intricate the parts are.  I am very fair as to how much is charged and would encourage you to speak with my current and former clients to confirm this.  All costs would be talked about in advance so you would have a good idea of what to expect.  I do not like to surprise anyone.  I will work with you on how "step by step" you want to go.  Often after a general discussion of "what to add," clients will let me do my thing and usually they are very satisfied and there are just minimal adjustments to make, if any.

A note about "songwriting."  Songwriting is typically considered lyrics and melody.  Therefore we/I do not claim any ownership to your songs for producing or arranging them.  If, however, you do want help with songwriting, I would be more than happy to and we can come up with an agreement at that time.

Graphics / CD duplication:

While this is certainly not my main focus, I have done graphics for many of my own projects and for clients as well.  I have worked with CD dupe houses and know how to use their templates etc..
If you'd like help with this, please ask and we'll come up with something good!  Charges for this would usually fall under the "in-studio" rate of $65/hour.

"Doug Kwartler is an excellent writer and engineer. His versatility and experience
make him a great choice for your next recording project."

- Tim Marks, bassist: Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, Jewel


Scroll down for Gear and Pics

Scroll down for Gear and Pics

Recent folk chart success for Hollow Body Studios recording artists include: Crowes Pasture: #1 song, #5 album - June, 2019, and #3 song, #7 album - Dec. 2018, Mark Stepakoff: #4 song Dec. 2019, #3 song (tied w/ Crowes Pasture, Dec. 2018) and #3 song (2017), Ron Israel: #18 album and #15 album, The Lied To's # 26 album (#3 on roots rock), Chris LaVancher #13 album Oct. 2021, Erin Ash Sullivan #10 folk chart, #8 song. From its humble beginnings, 16 years ago in a two bedroom apartment in East Rockaway, NY, to its current location in the north-metro Boston area, Hollow Body Studios, helmed by owner/producer/engineer, Doug Kwartler, has produced professional, emotional, dynamic music that has appeared on major network television shows and radio stations across the world.  We make classic, warm, punchy, spacious recordings with just enough grit to cut through the din.  We use both legendary vintage gear combined with the best of modern technology.  We make it all affordable for the working musician/songwriter - you.  We have a full kitchen and a lounging area as well.

Doug Kwartler has been a musician and songwriter for over 30 years.  His original songs have been on network television shows [NCIS, The Young and the Restless, Dark Blue & more] , radio and independent film.  He has released cds with his band Foundry and as a solo artist and with his current group, the americana folk duo, The Lied To's.  He has been a recording engineer and producer for almost 20 years.   

Check out Hollow Body Studios and owner Doug Kwartler featured in Bill Copeland Music news here!

Our first full studio location in Floral Park, NY - Out of the bedroom!

Our first MA location in Newton, MA from about 2009 - 2012

Current location. Above ground!
Chelmsford, MA

"Doug Kwartler knows how to get great sounds and his passion for music always inspires everyone in the room to be the best they can be!"

- Evan Hutchings, drummer: Kelsey Ballerini, Rodney Crowell, Marie Osmond, Kim Richey


Scroll down for gallery!

Scroll down for gallery!



Neve vintage 8128 channel strips (2)
Solid State Logic XLogic Superanalog (4)
Vintech Audio X73
Vintech Audio X73i
Universal Audio LA-610
Teletronix LA-2A
Audient asp880
Apollo x8 interface with Unison Pre's
Apogee Mini Me
Art Pro Vla Compressors (2)
Art 6 channel headphone amp


Vintage Hammond M1 organ
Vintage Estey Pump organ
Vintage Paramount 5-string banjo
1870'S Gut string JBB Banjo
Vintage Danelctro bass guitar
Upright bass
Seagull Dulcimer
Yamaha P60 full sized weighted keys
Kaysound MK4902 midi keyboard



RCA vintage 77D Ribbon
Neumann vintage U87
Neumann TLM103
Peluso 2247 SE
Warm Audio WA67
Shure vintage SM81 (2)
Shure SM7b
AKG D112
Rode NT1000
Shure Beta 58
Shure SM-58 (3)
Shure SM-57 (3)


1970's Rogers Jazz Kit (12,14, 18 kick)
1970's Slingerland (13",16", 20" kick)



1969 Drip Edge Fender Deluxe
Reverb amp (black face electronics)
Tone Pipe custom tweed tube. 5W
Supro Delta King 15W tube, 12" speaker
Peavey Classic 20 tweed tube, 15W
Vox AC4TV Class A Tube
Bugera Vintage 5 Class A Tube
Fender Rumble bass amp


1967 Guild Starfire III
1960's Harmony Rocket
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson ES335
Danelectro 12-string vintage re-issue
Danelectro baritone
1990's Fender Telecaster 50's re-issue
Oahu vintage Lap Steel




1951 Gibson LG2
1991 Gibson J45
1995 Gibson WM45
1950's Kay Archtop
Dobro brand resonator
Vintage 12-string spruce/rosewood
Nylon string Yamaha


Pro Tools (latest) w/top plug-ins
Apollo x8 interface - preamps a/d conv
Yamaha vintage NS-10M monitors
Tannoy Reveal 502 monitors
Pioneer giant speakers/monitors
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Sony Subwoofer
Assorted percussion instruments


"I live in Nashville and have recorded in some of it's top studios with top producers
and engineers. We'd be lucky to have Doug Kwartler here, he should move."

- John-Henry Trinko, keyboards: Kacey Musgraves, Randy Houser


Services / Rates
"I recently had the opportunity to work with Doug for the first time and was very impressed with the quality of his mixes. His talent, professionalism and attention to detail made him a pleasure to work with."

-Jeff Lipton, Peerless Mastering - Josh Ritter, Arcade Fire, Soul Asylum


Scroll down to see/hear all samples

Scroll down to see/hear all samples

Click on any of the samples below.  To request .wav or .mp3 files of these samples email us here.

Folk Music Samples (above)

Bluegrass, Country, Old Timey (above)

Singer-Songwriter (above)

Jazz/Lounge/Dixieland (above)

Blues (above)

Alt.Country/Americana (above)

Motown (above)

Rock-n-Roll (above)



Drop us a line.  Let us know about your project and we'll get back to you very shortly.  We look forward to answering your questions!

Thanks! Message sent.


graphics/video/web design

cd design, photography, music videos,
your website

The best music in the world still needs a vehicle to get heard.  That vehicle of course should be your live performances and your recordings first and foremost!  But it also helps to have stuff that looks cool, too!  In an overcrowded music world, it can't hurt to get their attention any way possible.

We can help with this too.  Check out some of our designs and also check out the music videos below.  The video for "Cruel World" premiered on DittyTV, a well respected Americana 24 hour video channel.  If you need help with this part of the biz, send us an email and we'll get right back to you!  (And we do graphics for other fields, too!)

See some of our graphic work below - (Video's at bottom)


Website. All photography graphic design and website


Ad.  Photography and all graphic design


CD cover jacket. Photography, all graphic design and website.


CD back cover. Photography, all graphic design.


Business Cards - Front & Back.  All graphic design


Business Cards - photo & graphic design


CD cover jacket. All graphic design


CD cover jacket. Photo. All graphic design


On CD design.  All graphic design


Susan Levine - Photograph


Click on picture to see video in YouTube


The Lied To's - Cruel World


Hoonah - Lucky For You


The Lied To's - You Already Know


Ron Israel - Let All The Immigrants In



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Partial list of clients:


Aaron Tornberg
A.J. Capowski
Al Speed
Alejandra O'Leary
Allegra Larson
Alli Collis

Andy Brewster

Arlene McCann
Austin Kuebler
Bill Paish
Bob Armel
Cassidy Cheng

Charley Treat

Chris LaVancher
Colette O'Connor

Crowes Pasture
Cynthia O'Keefe

Dan Cloutier
Dave Isaacs
David Jaye

David Young
Deborah Lombardi
Deb Picard 

Erin Ash Sullivan

Esther Friedman
Eyes of Age
Great Molasses Flood

Hoonah (Sarah Smith)
Howard Hilsenrath
Howie Newman
Jack Gracey
Jacks O'Diamonds
Jane Fallon
Janet Feld
Jeremy Gilchrist
Jessie Orshan
Jim Gould
Joe Piket and the Storm
John Ferullo
John Sullivan Brigade
Josh Joffen
Josh Tobias
Justin Petrone
Kevin Kelly
Kim Davidson
Krista Baroni
Leah Cooper

Licia Sky
Linda Marks
Lindsay Dodd
Luis Moreno
Manpreet Singh
Mark Stepakoff
Mark Virgilio
Maura Daly
Mike Murphy
Mike Albaine
Mike Santoro
Molly Zeytoonian

Paul Therkelsen

Patrick Mongeau
Pedro Pereira

Rich Lanahan

Rob Siegel
Rob Upham

Ron Israel
Ruthann Baler
Sam Bayer
Sara Brenner

Seth Davis

Side Street
Stephen Robinson

Steve Sachar
String Alley
Stuart Markus

Susan Levine
The Last Optimist

The Lied To's
The Northerners
The Repercussions
The Secret Sauce
Toby Tobias
Tom Smith
Tony Tedeschi
Volkert Volkersz

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